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Here you will find a detailed guide of the scientific and touristic observatories, appart from museums, planetariums and other services.

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Wangulenmapu Observatory
Observatorios Científicos

Observatory of the University of Concepción, has a 12-inch Meade telescope that allows taking digital images of the sky in multiple filters. Advocated for academic research, it opens its doors twice a month for free guided tours for students and tourists. It is necessary to reserve a date to schedule the visit. Observations are made only with clear skies and favorable weather conditions.

Víctor Lamas 1290, Concepción
+56 41 220 3366 / +56 41 220 4240
Mayu Observatory
Observatorios Turísticos

The Cerro Maypu Cultural Center is the first tourist observatory installed at the eaves of a school, so besides offering astrotourism to its visitors, it includes didactic lectures to students and a guided tour of its open-air museum. Open all year and public of all ages, visits are made from 21:00 hrs. and must be reserved 24 hours in advance.

  • Visits information: All year
Quebrada de Talca a 27 km de La Serena, Região de Coquimbo
+56 09 8249 7377
Foster Observatory
Observatorios Científicos

Belonging to the Catholic University of Chile, it was installed in the San Cristobal hill in 1903. In its telescope, important observations have been made and it has been minimally intervened over the years, being a unique historical instrument in South America. Region de Metropolitana.

Avenida Manuel Foster, Cerro San Cristóbal, Providencia. Región Metropolitana
Cerro El Pochoco, ACHAYA Observatory
Observatorios Científicos

Academic and touristic observatory, seeks to spread the love for astronomy in adults and children through workshops and guided tours from 19:00, where you can tour the 3 domes and telescopes, as well as its observation deck where telescopes of different sizes are installed and from where planets, the moon or nebulae can be captured. The visits last approximately 2 hours and it is necessary to book in advance. Region de Metropolitana.

Camino El Alto 18390, El Arrayán, Lo Barnechea, Santiago
+56 2 2321 5098
UMCE Observatory
Observatorios Científicos

Scientific and educational astronomical center, aimed at conducting research and dissemination of the beauties of the universe among academics, students and fans, also has a modern meteorological station. The observatory conducts guided day and night tours throughout the year, subject to climatic changes. It has a MEADE LX200 telescope 41cms in diameter. Región de Metropolitana.

Avenida José Pedro Alessandri 774, Ñuñoa
+56 2 2241 2497
National Astronomic Observatory Cerro Calán
Observatorios Científicos

Astronomical scientific and touristic center with more than 150 years of tradition, it conducts guided nocturnal visits that consist of an historical tour through two telescopes, Hayde and Goto, and culminates with the observation of astronomical objects. They are aimed at all public with duration of 2 hours, and for groups of 50 people maximum. They also have activities for children, called “Space Explorers”, where they approach astronomy in a didactic way. For both scenarios should be booked at least 2 weeks in advance, and respect the schedules of entry. Región de Metropolitana.

Cerro Calán # 1515, Las Condes, Santiago
+56 2 2977 1093
Ckoirama Observatory
Observatorios Científicos

The first observatory built by Chilean engineers, it has night visits that allow learning how their four telescopes operate, what is the observation work and how an astronomer gathers data during the night.

65 km straight to South east of Antofagasta
Nayra Observatory
Observatorios Científicos

With the capacity to realize solar observations during the day as well as night visits. These public observations cycles called “Astrourbano” are free mini-tours through the facilities with astronomers as guides and does not require prior booking.

  • Location: Centro de Astronomía de la Universidad de Antofagasta ( Astronomy Center of the Antofagasta University)
UCN Observatory (Ex Sirius)
Observatorios Científicos

Scientific observatory located in the central house of the Universidad Católica del Norte (UCN). On its terrace there is a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope 20 centimeters in diameter, in which you can observe stellar circles, nebulae and the planets of the Solar System. Open to free conversations and sightseeing. It is recommended to register in advance, since visits and events usually have a maximum capacity of 15 people.

Avenida Angamos 0610, Antofagasta.
+56 55 235 5480 anexo 5480

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