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Here you will find a detailed guide of the scientific and touristic observatories, appart from museums, planetariums and other services.

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Cerro Armazones Observatory (OCA)
Observatorios Científicos

A project by the Astronomy Institute of the Universidad Católica del Norte and the Astronomy Institute of the Bochum University, with the help of important companies and institutions like Eso, Incacesa, Soimi and CONICYT. It has three telescopes of 1,5 m, 84 cm and 41 cm in diameter. It remarks because is located on a privileged placed with quality skies, OCA has 350 clear ski night a year.

Cerro Amazones is it in 20 kms to the east from Cerro Paranal
Atacama Pathfinder Experiment Observatory (APEX)
Observatorios Científicos

This astronomical center has an antenna whose dimensions are 12 meters in diameter and is considered by experts to be one of the best places for radio astronomy in the dry Atacameño desert of northern Chile. Among the sub millimeter telescopes APEX is the largest in the southern hemisphere and is a pioneer for the ALMA Observatory (Atacama Large Millimeter/sub millimeter Array).

APEX (Event Horizon Telescope), San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
Observatory VLT in Cerro Paranal
Observatorios Científicos

The world’s most visible light observatory, it is located 2,600 feet high where you can experience high winds and extreme temperatures. It opens its doors to the public throughout the year, making free tours on Saturdays to groups of tourists no more than 12 people, prior registration, as the places are limited. Visitors are recommended to wear heavy clothing, sunglasses and closed shoes, and arrive 30 minutes before the start of the tour. You can visit Paranal through virtual tours and experience a 360 visit.

Tal Tal, South of Antofagasta
+56 55 716 931
ALMA Observatory
Observatorios Científicos

The Atacama Large Millimeter / Sub millimeter Array (ALMA) is the largest astronomical project in the world. It is the most powerful telescope for the observation of the cold Universe, it is composed by 66 antennas of high precision at 5000 meters of height in the north of Chile. It is an international astronomical installation, which contemplates a collaboration between Europe, North America and East Asia, in cooperation with Chile. Region de Atacama

  • Location center of operations: 121kms, CH 23 Highway, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
121kms, CH 23 Highway, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
+56 2 2467 6416
Cielos Chilenos Observatory
Observatorios Turísticos

Touristic astronomical center, allows to make observations of stars and planets in broad daylight thanks to its 2 domes and 8 telescopes, among which 3 sites that allow teaching the phenomenon of space in a didactic way to schools and educational institutions.

  • Visits Information: Monday to Sunday from 08:00 to 24:00
  • Ticket Price: $35.000 adults, children $25.000 group of students $ 15.000.
El Pimiento 8-D,Santa Cecilia, Colina,Chicureo,Santiago
56 2 2843 1869 - 56 9 9820 4814
Astroelqui Observatory
Observatorios Turísticos

Center of astronomical observation (archaeoastronomy) and ancestral Cosmo vision. Under a river of stars that includes flavors and sounds that touch the soul. A memorable experience with astronomical observation with powerful telescopes, stories of the towns that inhabited Elqui, flavors, ancestral sounds, etc.

Calle Esperanza 31, Diaguitas, Valle de Elqui
+56 9 577 81319
Chakana Observatory
Observatorios Turísticos

Andean urban observatory offers a different view, our view but almost one never mentioned. The human-human relationship, human-environment, human-cosmos. In addition to the astronomical observation with an 11 “Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope and a 6” Refractor, the services of night photography and astrophotography are offered.

  • Visits information: Everyday
Prat (no number), Pisco Elqui. Valle de Elqui
+56 9 7134 7300
Astronomic Center Alfa Aldea
Observatorios Turísticos

Popularly known as natural planetarium, the private observatory and its amphitheater are found in vineyards, green mountains and privileged skies. From its facilities you can observe the sky through long-range telescopes, enjoy an evening of observation and hiking in the light of the moon, and talks to learn more about the galaxies, the rings of Saturn and the craters of the moon.

  • Visits Information: Everyday
Parcela 17, La Viñita area, Vicuña
+56 51 2412441 - 9 8718 8130
Ovalle Casino Resort Observatory
Observatorios Turísticos

Come and see the magic of the skies of the Limarí Valley at the great observatory of Ovalle Casino & Resort. In the place you can live the experience of observing the stars, constellations, planets, nebulas and much more. The modern computerized 9 “1/4 diameter telescope allows you to see magnificent images of one of the cleanest skies in Chile.

  • Visits Information: Fridays and Saturdays from 21:30 to 00:00
  • Ticket Price: Free of costs
Avenida Manuel Peñafiel 2711, Ovalle
+56 53 2655104 – 101 - 100

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